Sunday, April 15, 2007

Kotel HaKatan

For the first time since the unification of Jerusalem, the Tourism Ministry in charge of Holy Sites has made a written commitment to upkeep of the Kotel HaKatan - the small segment of the Western Wall near the Iron Gate entrance to the Temple Mount. However, they have not yet made any essential improvements at the site itself.
Join the public campaign for improving conditions there NOW.
Contact the Tourism Ministry requesting improved conditions and official recognition of the Kotel HaKatan as a Jewish Holy Site. Fax or e-mail the sample letter below to Tourism Minister Itzchak Aharonovitz now, and encourage friends and relatives to do the same -edit and improve on it as you see fit, (and send us a copy). Every letter expresses public support for proper recognition and honor of this historic holy site that has been so neglected for such a long time.
And of course, the next time that you are in the Old City, make sure to include a visit to the Kotel Hakatan – Ask the guards at the Western Wall plaza if you are not sure how to get there and signs are not yet up.

For more information, contact
Sample letter

To Tourism Minister Itzchak Aharonovitz,
Fax: 02-6496157

Re: The Kotel HaMa'aravi HaKatan (the small Western Wall Plaza)

Dear Sir,

The small Western Wall Plaza known as the Kotel Hakatan is no less a part of the sacred and historic Western Wall than the better known Kotel Plaza being developed near Dung Gate. Today, with excellent security at the site, and increased tourism activity throughout the Old City, more and more people are visiting the site and coming to pray there. It is imperative to exchange the sign at the site itself from "Do not litter!" to a sign stating that this is a historic sacred site for the Jewish People and should be treated accordingly. The prohibition against littering should also be properly enforced. Likewise, signs directing visitors to the Kotel Hakatan should be hung at the Kotel Plaza and on HaGai Street, and it should be clearly marked on all tourist maps.

In honor of the 40th anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem, we turn to you, the Minister in charge of Holy Sites, to provide conditions conducive to visitation and prayer at this holy site. A nation that honors itself and its own holy sites will be rewarded with honor and respect not only from its own people, but from the world at large.

After my next visit to this holy site, I hope to be able to write a letter of thanks to the Ministry on the improvement of conditions at the Kotel Hakatan.

(name and address)

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